Honours BA: 120 Credits

Residency requirement: a minimum of 30 course credits and at least half (50%) of the course credits required in each undergraduate degree program major/minor must be taken at York University.

Graduation requirement: students must successfully complete (pass) at least 120 credits which meet the Faculty's degree and program requirements and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 5.00.

Major credits: 48 credits including:

  • AP/SOSC 1000 9.00 (note: only 6 credits count toward the major);
  • AP/SOSC 2000 6.00 (pre/co-requisite AP/SOSC 1000 9.0);
  • 24 credits chosen from the extended list; at least 12 must be at the 3000 level or above; and at least 6 must be selected from an approved list of Theory courses;
  • AP/SOSC 4000 6.00 (pre-requisite SOSC 2000 6.0) or AP/SOSC 4511 6.00
  • 6 additional credits in the major at the 4000-level.

Upper-level credits: at least 36 credits at the 3000 or 4000-level, including at least 18 credits at the 4000-level.

Credits outside the major: at least 18 credits. (Note: students who are completing a double major or major/minor are deemed to have fulfilled this requirement.)