Matthew Tegelberg

Matthew TegelbergProfile: Website
(Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor)
Email: mtegel@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 717 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 30125
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
Matthew Tegelberg earned a PhD in Cultural Studies from Trent University and a Master's Degree from the Joint Graduate Program in Communication and Culture at York University and Ryerson University. He is currently teaching SOSC 2007 6.0: Representing Climate Change and SOSC 4650 6.0: Crime Scenes in the Age of the Anthropocene.

Tegelberg is a research associate with MediaClimate, an international network of media scholars that study environmental communication, placing particular emphasis on global media coverage of climate change. His research and teaching interests include global tourism, environmental communication, and media representations of indigenous peoples. His research has appeared in Triple C: Communication, Capitalism & Critique, Tourist Studies, International Communication Gazette, International Journal of Cultural Studies and in several edited volumes.

Paul Baxter

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(Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream)
Email: pjbaxter@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 759A Ross Building South
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science

Annette Bickford

Annette BickfordProfile: Website
(Assistant Professor)
Email: bickford@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 706 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 33833
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
Annette Bickford earned a PhD in Sociology from York University and an MA in Social/Cultural Anthropology from the University of Toronto. She has conducted research in North Carolina and has a book under review with the University of Toronto Press. She specializes in interdisciplinary studies; her research lies broadly at the intersections of critical race theory, national identity, postcolonial studies, and governmentality.

Annette is a recipient of York University’s 2013 President's University-Wide Teaching Awards in the Adjunct category. She is a Fellow of McLaughlin College. Prior to her appointment at York University, Annette taught at the University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, and Long Island University. She currently teaches SOSC 1000 6.0: Introduction to Social Science.

Lykke de la Cour

Lykke de la CourProfile: Website
(Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream) - On Leave
Email: ldlcour@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 718 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 33303
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science

Lykke de la Cour’s PhD is in History from the University of Toronto. Her research and teaching interests focus on health, disability, and early-twentieth-century eugenics and biogenetics, particularly processes associated with disablement, biomedicalization, and socio-legal regulation and the formation of gendered, racialized, classed, disabled and transgressive sexual identities. Her manuscript, From ‘Moron’ to ‘Maladjusted’: Eugenics, Gender and Dis/Abled Citizenship, 1930s-1960s, is under contract with UBC Press and she has an article on eugenics, race, and first-wave feminism forthcoming in Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture, and Social Justice. She has published and presented papers on topics such as patient case file methodology and women patients’ perspectives of psychiatric institutionalization. Her current research focusses on an examination of how the medical colonization of Aboriginal populations was extended through psychiatric institutionalization in the 1950s and 1960s.

Jay Goulding

Jay GouldingProfile: Website
(Associate Professor)
Email: jay@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 705 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 20236
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
Jay Goulding is a Professor in the Department of Social Science, York University where he has been Programme Coordinator for Social and Political Thought. He teaches SOSC 3515 6.0 Social and Political Thought: East and West, and SOSC 4003 6.0 Phenomenology for Social Science. His expertise is in classical and modern Chinese philosophy, Japanese philosophy, hermeneutics, and phenomenology. In the fall of 2013, he was recognized by The Journal of Chinese Philosophy as a distinguished scholar in Chinese philosophy and comparative thinking and invited to contribute an article to the 40th anniversary of the first and only journal in the world devoted solely to Chinese philosophy, published by Wiley-Blackwell.

Tanja Juric

Tanja JuricProfile: Website
(Assistant Professor)
Email: tjuric@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 701A North Ross Building
Phone Extension: 33356
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
Tanja Juric is a specialist in morality, political subjectivity, and representation with particular reference to diversity and the law. Two articles are currently under review, which examine racial and religious representation and recognition in ‘postracial’ and ‘postsecular’ societies. Previous work includes a refereed journal article on humility in Kantian subjectivity, as well as a book manuscript under contract with an academic press that explores moral judgment in the work of Kant, Nietzsche, and Adorno. She currently teaches SOSC 1000: Introduction to Social Science.

Nalini Persram

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(ISS Program Coordinator and Associate Professor)
Email: persramn@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 719 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 22980
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
Nalini Persram is Associate Professor with teaching interests in social and political thought, postcolonial studies, empire and Western thought, and theories of subjectivity and alterity. Her other research interests are feminism; critical thought and practice, Caribbean cultures of resistance; process philosophy and extra/ordinary strategies of survival. She currently teaches SOSC 3512 6.00: Postcolonial Theory.

Sarah Rotz

Sarah RotzProfile: Website
(Assistant Professor)
Email: srotz@uoguelph.ca
Campus Address: TBA
Phone Extension: TBA
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
My work focuses on political ecologies of land and food systems and how they intersect with climate change within structures of settler colonial patriarchy and neo-liberal capitalism. I also explore the consequences of these processes for sovereignty, justice and resistance movements more broadly. I received my PhD in Geography from the University of Guelph and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies at York University. I am currently teaching SOSC 4000 6.0 Topics in Social Science Research: Land & Food and SOSC 2000 6.0 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Social Inquiry.

I have published on topics ranging from the political economy of food and farmland tenure and critical perspectives of big data in agriculture, to the ways in which settler colonial logics and gendered narratives uphold extractive practices and relationships to the land. I am also a research associate with A SHARED Future, a large, interdisciplinary and community-based research team investigating Indigenous strength, health, and autonomy in renewable energy. My current research explores accountable relationships and alliances between settler and Indigenous peoples through land-based, Indigenous-led food and energy sovereignty projects across Canada. I also do ongoing community-based work with various organizations and campaigns including food and farmer’s associations, fossil fuel divestment, as well as climate justice and food sovereignty movements.

John Simoulidis

John SimoulidisProfile: Website
(Foundations Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream)
Email: sims@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 763A South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 30161
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
I am an Assistant Lecturer who teaches in both the Interdisciplinary Social Science and Business and Society Programs. I received my PhD from York (Political Science) and specialize in political theory and political economy, with a particular interest the Japanese Marxist, Kozo Uno. My research interests are Marxist and heterodox theories of crisis, the political economy of food, and economic alternatives. My teaching focuses on helping students better understand the structures and relations that shape their lives and the ways these can be transformed to be more equitable and just. I currently teach SOSC 2560 6.0: Ideology and Everyday Life.

Ted Winslow

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(Associate Professor)
Email: winslow@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 714 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 77819
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science